Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Washi Wednesday

Welcome to Washi Wednesday! Every Wednesday, I hope to share a project using washi tape. I have recently fallen in love with this adorable, and versatile tape, and I may have an addiction now... So here is my way of using it, instead of hoarding it in my scrapbook stash!

I'd like to thank Pinterest for this idea. I used an old magnet from some junk mail and cut it into 3 "evenish" pieces. Then I used different purple washi tapes from my stash to cover them. Then I place a recycling sticker on each, and viola reusable recycling reminder magnets!

You see, my mom has been eyeing up these recycling stickers we get from our city every year so that we can remember when our recycling has to go out to the curb. Their recycling system just changed, and she was trying to figure out how she was going to mark that on her calendar so she could remember to put out their recycling. So I thought I would do these magnets and then she could have them to use, especially since I usually have some stickers left over after I put ours on the calendar. She loves them.

I think these took me 10 minutes to create! They were super easy and turned out great.

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  1. These are great!! Thanks Melissa. Now I won't forget when to put out the recycleables.