Tuesday, June 25, 2013

2013 Summer Bucket List Album

I finally received my album and the I {Heart} Summer collection! I wanted to share my initial setup pages with you.

First, the album seemed a bit plain on the outside, so I used some stamps to stamp "2013 Summer Bucket List" on the front. That seems to have helped! If I have some leftover stickers, once the album is completed, I may go back and add a couple to the front or side of the album.

Next was the title page. I used a 2013 card from one of my Doodlebug collections and then spiced it up with a leftover sticker and some stamps. Everything else came from the I {Heart} Summer Collection.

Then I decided that I wanted to do a "month" page at the beginning of each month, so I could keep track of which days we did activities. The 4x6 calendars came from leftover Doodlebug collection cards (Fruit Stand, Flower Box, Take Note, or Stars and Stripes). I stamped the month and year on the cards and will use a small camera stamp to stamp over the date of the activity. The one this that I think is going to bother  me about these cards is that they are not specific to a month, and the days don't go with my standard calendar. I'm hoping to be able to get past this, as the cards look so cute! As for filling the 3x4 pockets on these "month" pages, I decided to use a pocket with a tag for one side and then a filler card for the other.

Stay tuned for the first few pages from our bucket list! Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I hope you are inspired to create your own summer bucket list!

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