Friday, February 15, 2013

Free It Up Friday!

Free It Up Friday, where I will share some great DIY cleaning/organization ideas!

On the block today, scrapbooking paper scraps. EEK! They accumulate everywhere and I just came across a smallish box of them from a retreat I attended last summer. Since my scrapbook space is a very small closet in our house, I have had to find some creative ways to organize my supplies and my scraps just seem to take over when I forget about them.

Here is the pile that I recently found...

I have 2 organizational systems that I use for my paper scraps.

Organizational system 1...
The first is an series of empty, and cleaned, formula canisters from when my twins were infants. I cleaned them, let them dry and the covered them with paper scraps of the colors that were going to be in the container. I still have a few containers floating around and might have to make another one for my neutral scraps...or just remember to use them on my layouts. These formula canisters comfortably hold scraps that are less than 4 inches wide. Anything larger than 4 inches needs to go in organizational system number 2.

Organizational system 2...
This is made from an old, broken baby gate. We live in an old home, and the door frames aren't exactly square so we have broken a few baby gates from the stress of not quite fitting. I used a couple of wall hooks from Menards to hang it on the wall. Then I bought the really big (2 gallon) Ziploc slider bags to store my scraps. These bags are great because a 12x12 sheet will fit inside. I labeled each bag with the color of the paper and hung them on the baby gate with clothespins. The bags are also great when I go on crops, because I can just zip the scraps inside and they don't get lost in my bag.

It took me an hour to trim up (straighten up the edges, especially if it was a leftover from a Cricut design), sort and put away my pile of scraps. In 2013, I hope to find a way to stay on top of my scraps so I don't have a pile like this stashed away somewhere. I'd love to see what kinds of creative ways you have for storing your paper scraps. 

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